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Baseball Programs

GTA now offers private instruction and player development programs in baseball.  This training is for interested players attending 5th thru 12th grades. These are private one on one training sessions.  Our approach is focused on:

  • Improving player ability and skill
  • Building and reinforcing a mindset for “high performance”
  • Establishing working routines to create new “success producing” habits
  • Increasing player self-awareness
  • Reducing negative impacts

Sessions are coordinated and times will be reserved as necessary.  Session times are between 30 – 45 minutes. Locations for training will vary; local ball parks, community parks, cages, and gyms.

What we do different:
  • Research and verify what we teach is what the best players actually do.
  • Engage several training models and formats of instruction to help players “get it”
  • Integrate personal development into the training curriculum (positive intent, good routines, focused effort)
  • Focus on and connect “knowing power” to “doing power”.

Intereste in training?  Want to learn more?

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Leave a message at: 714 887-4683

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